Friday, February 12, 2016

Help Your Child Learn!

Children at times face speech problems, which could be because of a disorder. Not many parents are aware of speech disorders and blame their children for being incompetent, when they cannot read or write properly. If you are looking for SpeechTherapy In Fort Meyers, FL, or speech therapy in Bonita Springs, FL, then Language Loft is the right place for you! If you want to know about language and speech development of your child in elementary school, then following information will be helpful for you. This information will be helpful so that you can see whether your child is learning the things that he should.


·         By the end of kindergarten, your child should be able to do the following things:
·         Follow simple direction
·         Listen and understand to stories appropriate for their age
·         Understand a simple conversation
·         Should be able to speak clear enough for people to understand
·         Should be able to answer yes and no questions
·         Should be able to answer open ended questions
·         Should be able to tell a story or speak about an event that he witnessed
·         Should be able to take part in conversation
·         In reading, a child should be able to understand small words, that rhyme
·         Should be able to recognize small words as soon as they see them
·         Should be able to read picture books
·         Children should be able to write their own name
·         Draw a picture
·         Write small and capital letters


If your child has been promoted from Kindergarten and cannot do most of the things that are mentioned above, then it is time that you seek a speech and communication development expert. Language Loft offers you this advantage, as we realize that this can happen because of certain disorders. Thus, we offer the following services for children:

  • You can get consultation on phone for free
  • You will be given the facility of speech-language screenings
  • Evaluation for speech and language will be conducted
  • We provide speech therapy in Estero, FL, which is why you can bring your child to us, if he or she is facing speech delay problems
  • We treat the phonological processing disorder, receptive disorder, speech fluency disorder, autism spectrum disorder and auditory processing disorder
  • We have professionals who understand the Asperger’s Syndrome
  • We have professionals who can tell you about how to deal with pre-reading delay
  • We have experts who will help children that face delays in written expression as well as reading fluency

We have Speech Therapy in Bonita Springs, FL, as well, where you can avail the services that are mentioned above. If you feel that your child has serious language and communication development problems, then we assure you that there is no better place for your child than Language Loft. At Language Loft, we provide services that are worth your money and help your children, to the best of our expertise.